Cheek Reduction

Posted on 25 abril, 2015

Why my cheeks look’s like this?

There are two different types of cheekbone.

The Body region.

Refers to the frontal cheekbone and prominence of the frontal cheekbone makes the outer ends of the eye look prominent or wider than normal.
The frontal cheekbone can be shaved off, and bone removal is required to move the entire cheekbone inwards.


The Arch Region.

Refers to the rear part of the cheekbone, which makes the face look wide from the front view and very bumpy from the side view because the frontal region of the ear is protruding. This part of the arch is cut near the sideburn region and the frontal cheekbone is also excised, making the entire cheekbone and arch move inward.

In most cases, both the body of the cheekbone and its arch are prominent. Therefore, surgical procedures on both parts are performed simultaneously.

The main concept of cheekbone reduction surgery is to reduce the protrusion of the bone. In order to do so, the protruding region is shaved off. But in order to maximize the results, more bone mass may need to be removed even than the actual bone mass. In order to improve this surgical limitation, the actual shape of the zygoma must be retained while a three-dimensional shift takes place and reduces the bone protrusion.

Every individual has a different size and shape of cheekbone. The body of the cheekbone may protrude, or the arch may protrude, or both conditions may be combined. Likewise, surgical procedures must accurately meet individual conditions and needs by a high level of skills and know-how.

An intraoral incision is made for the cheekbone surgery and a small preauricular stab incision is made for the zygomatic arch surgery. The incision is very small and is made inside the sideburn. The incision line fades away over time.