Can I be a candidate for surgery?

Posted on 19 febrero, 2015

Rhinoplasty is undoubtedly one of the most common surgeries performed to yield improvement at facial features. As the nose facial prominence as marked, and be positioned in the middle of the face, is the focus of it, and any defect or change it possesses will determine specific traits that can be corrected with surgery.

So as you can correct defects or undesirable traits of the nose, it is possible to solve, in the same surgery, nasal functional problems that cause obstruction to airflow.


It is very important to have well defined specific points that you dislike about your nose, this will allow us to understand your expectations and determine to what extent we can achieve them.

Each case is reviewed in particular. You must provide all available information about your medical history, including: current health status, medical treatments received, previous surgeries (not necessarily in the nose), traumas that have affected the nose, a history of rhinitis or nasal obstruction, snoring, etc. We carefully evaluate aspects of your nose as skin type, presence of scars, nasal deviations ratio nose with the other facial structures, nasal obstruction deviated septum, enlarged turbinates in size, polyps, scars, etc. Subsequently an assessment is made of the photographs and make measurements on them, allowing you to design a specific surgical plan, with the possibility of offering a forecast by digital means.


One of the main benefits Facial Surgery Los Cabos is the use of local anesthesia with sedation.
We performed procedures to increase or decrease the back, reduce the width and shrink, narrow the nostrils, increase or decrease the tip, giving best way to improve the angle of the tip with the lip, straightening the septum and other procedures have been agreed at the initial consultation.


In general, the incisions are internal in each nostril, with no external incision in skin that may be visible is made. Only external scars will be if you have to narrow the nostrils, with the scar at the base of the nose,short length and good prognosis. In special cases a small incision across the columella, ie the part that separates the two nostrils, making an open rhinoplasty is performed. Each case will bediscussed extensively, highlighting their advantagesand disadvantages.


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As already stated, is ambulatory, witch means you can go home the same day and eat normal food. It will be with plugs up to 24 hours. It is recommended to sleep with the head elevated to reduce swelling. It lets a sheet of plaster or aluminum on the nose for about six days, which is the minimum rest period which must take to prevent further inflammation. You may reach bruise over his eyes, which will yield between 4-6 days. In severe cases they can stay up to 15 days maximum. Skin-colored ribbons were applied up to 20 days to prevent swelling and maintain the shape of the nose.



Before six days is best not to do any work or student activity. Most activities involving strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 20 days. Sports like football, tennis, basketball, and others where there is a risk of an accidental blow to the nose should be avoided for at least six weeks. You should avoid sun exposure for at least three months or more if there have been large black eyes. This is because they may have stains difficult to resolve in areas of bruising.