PRP therapy

Posted on 24 febrero, 2015

Antiage, Rejuvenation, Increases The Survival Rate of Fat Grafts.

A better alternative that injection of hyaluronic acid.

Platelet rich plasma PRP, is a 100% natural treatment for skin regeneration. Has shown that the PRP is safe and effective in treating a variety of skin problems.

Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, was recently extended in different medical specialties worldwide,although it was described more than twenty years in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry.

Involves the application of supraphysiologic autologous plasma with a concentration of platelets, which are activated to release growth factors and their α granules active substances. The goal of therapy is to promote, encourage or initiate the process of healing, regeneration or healing of damaged tissue, applied locally on an outpatient basis or as an adjunct to surgical technique.

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