The divine facial proportion

Posted on 4 marzo, 2015

The Phi number, also known as the golden ratio, golden reason, or «Divine Proportion» is a perfect mathematical algorithm that hides in the patterns of countless natural manifestations.

The extraordinary properties of this algorithm did many observers attribute their existence to the evidence of the existence of a divine mind, as it is fascinating that both the aesthetic and artistic canons of all times obey the same code.

The concept of facial aesthetics involves basic artistic principles that link together individual traits to the face (Stough et al., 1997).

The nose, for example, figures prominently in the face, and therefore becomes very important in the symmetry and aesthetic balance of the face.

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It is critical that the patient seeking facial cosmetic surgery of any kind, consult a surgeon who is an expert in facial analysis to achieve a natural and beautiful result.

In Facial Surgery, Los Cabos are specialized in facial Detailed analysis that according to facial proportions, modifications may be made to achieve a harmonious face and divinely provided.

Also, new in Los Cabos complement our work with RINOFAST® technique, which uses the tumescent method for ultra short stay surgical procedures, without general anesthesia and reducing complications, recovery time,  inflammation and lower hospital costs.

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